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Profiling New Members with Precision

Unlock Insights Within Days

PrescienceRx accelerates member profiling, delivering crucial data within days to optimize care and costs.

Key Features of PrescienceRx

Estimated Medical Costs

Predict the total medical expenses for the next 12 months with high accuracy.

Adherence & STAR Ratings

Assess and enhance adherence levels and STAR ratings efficiently.

Risk Adjustment Insights

Identify HCC suspects and adjust risk scores promptly.

SDoH Scoring

Determine social determinants of health to provide necessary assistance.

Impactful Statistics

See how PrescienceRx’s data points drive better outcomes for Payers and Providers.

20% Increase in Revenue

15% Improvement in Quality Scores

10% Reduction in Costs

5 Days to Profile New Members

What Our Clients Are Saying

“PrescienceRx has transformed our approach to member profiling. Within days, we had actionable insights that helped us optimize our STAR ratings and focus on the most at-risk members. The impact on our revenue and quality goals has been phenomenal.”

Jane Doe, Health Plan Manager

“Thanks to PrescienceRx, we can now identify high-risk members almost immediately. This has allowed us to intervene early, manage diseases more effectively, and ensure a seamless transition for new members. Our cost savings have been substantial.”

John Smith, Provider Network Director

“The data provided by PrescienceRx has been a game-changer. We can now predict medical costs and adherence rates with remarkable accuracy. This has enabled us to allocate resources more efficiently and improve overall member satisfaction.”

Emily Johnson, Payer Analytics Lead

“PrescienceRx’s insights into social determinants of health have been invaluable. We can now identify members who need extra assistance and tailor our outreach programs accordingly. This has significantly improved our care management outcomes.”

Michael Brown, Case Management Supervisor

“With PrescienceRx, our ability to collect and utilize data for optimizing HCC scores has never been better. The platform’s predictive analytics have given us a competitive edge in managing member health and achieving our quality targets.”

Sarah Wilson, Quality Improvement Coordinator

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