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In collaboration with Johns Hopkins School Bloomberg School of Public Health and Wolters Kluwer AlignCare has developed an analytics platform driven by Rx and demographic data to provide Providers and Payers with data to assist them in the following key areas:

Care/disease/medication management
Based on our algorithms who:
  • Is high risk with a high probability of an acute event
  • Should be put in a disease or case management program
  • Requires medication therapy.
  • Provide recommendations for prescribing for various disease states such as diabetes
  • And much more
Identify members for:
  • Identify members who under various CMS models who are eligible for additional payment
  • And much more
Identify members with:
  • Identify members who are taking high cost Rx when a lower cost alternative may be available
  • Drug-drug/drug-disease interactions 
  • And much more
Our Goal
To push this data out to the attributed physician so that the attributed physician has access to the data when they are with the patient. In each case the data pushed out would be curated so only relevant and actionable data is provided. It may include for example:

  • Member is on insulin but not on a Statin
  • Member has just received a diagnosis from another provider not in the network for a new condition
  • Member has a low adherence rate for their diabetes medication.

So when the physician pulls up the report on the patient the report would be made available.
Our Strategy
AlignCare has a client a large integrated health system which uses EPIC, our goal would be to use them as our beta site.