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What’s New: September 2014

AlignCare continues to make improvements to our PrescienceRx healthcare analytics solution. These updates will roll out to customers over the couple weeks. This is part of our commitment to continuous improvement of our product. If you missed our previous announcement, you can read it here.

This update includes three features to improve the usefulness of the PrescienceRx dashboard. The first of these features is our save search. The save search capability is found on the Patient search page and is accessed from new icons located under the search criteria.


When you click on the disk icon you will be prompted to provide a name for your search.


Clicking the folder icon allows you to reopen search criteria that you have previously saved.


Secondly, we have added new Action Alerts that allow you to identify patients whose metrics have changed since in the last month. There are five new alerts. These are:

Change in Predicted Expense
Change in Coordination Risk
Change in Polypharm
Change in Polyprescriber
Change in Therapeutic Complexity
You search on these new Action Alerts in the same manner as the other alerts that you are already using. The alerts will display on the Patient Profile in a list.


Finally, we have expanded the levels of drill down on the Summary Report. When you click on bars of a graph, the Summary Report is filtered on the members comprising that bar. For example, if the High category of Coordination Risk is 464 patients, then clicking on that number will present a new Summary Report comprised of those 464 members.

As you drill drown through deeper levels of your data, the application remembers your path using “bread crumbs”, Clicking on the last breadcrumb link will jump to the Patient search page. Clicking other links will redisplay the Summary Report at that level.


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