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What’s new February 2017

AlignCare is happy is announce the first update to PrescienceRx for 2017.

New Features

Support for Caremark PAL 4000 files

AlignCare will now accept prescription data in the form of PAL 4000 files. These are 4000 bytes fixed length records that are produced by the Caremark pharmacy benefit manager. Payers using Caremark as their PBM can now supply PAL datasets instead of producing the AlignCare propriety file. This is another option for getting data into the PrescienceRx system quickly and reliably.

Improved Compliance Tracking

We have tightened the drug compliance indicator to dramatically reduce false positives. More specifically, compliance formula restricts checking of compliance gaps to only the most recent 90 days.

Saving Your Place

For those users managing multiple customers, PrescienceRx remembers the customer and line of business you most recently worked with. When you sign back onto the system you will automatically open the line of business you were working on.

Private, Public, and PrescienceRx queries

We have greatly improved access to saved queries. Your list of queries are now classified into three groups. Private queries are those that only you can view and run. Public are those that you or others have shared. And PrescienceRx are a set of special searches supplied by AlignCare. Finding queries is easy by searching its’ name or by using VCR buttons to browse each list.

Additional Model Parameters

We have improved the computation of Medical Expense Risk by targeting age groups in the predictive models. Customers may specify all ages, non-elderly, or over 65 based on their population.

Additional Data Points

We have expanded the variables collected on members to provide more way to build your cohorts. New variables include Product, Employer Group, and PCP.

Age and Age Group

We have added age bands to PrescienceRx. This allows you to build your cohort on specific age groups. And if our pre-supplied age groups to not meet your specific use case, then you may simply build your own using the age variable. Both Age and Age Group are displayed on the Patient Profile.

Feedback and Fixes

Display of Filtered Drugs

In a previous update, we had removed some specific classes of drugs from the Medical Expense Risk and Coordination Risk calculations. These include vitamins and over the counter drugs. Once removed, these prescriptions were dropped from the PrescienceRx Patient Profile. With this update, those prescriptions will display on the profile again. You will find these in a special AlignCare RxMG category “Other and Non-Specific Medications / OTC and Miscellaneous”.

Report Performance

Report performance has been dramatically improved. And we continue to optimize all aspects of the solution.

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