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What’s New December 2016

With some apologies for not keeping our news up to date, AlignCare is announcing the latest updates to the PrescienceRx suite of Population Health Analytics. The following list of improvements represents the work delivered in our latest sprint, which were tasks accomplished from early November 2016 to mid December 2016. Contact us for details on all the goodness delivered between our last blog post (December 2014) and now.

New Features

Adherence Summary

The PrescienceRx solution includes an Adherence App to complement our Care App. The Adherence Summary is a dashboard divided into several sections, with each section representing a distinct measure. The dashboard is fully integrated with PrescienceRx Search and Patient Profiles.

Adherence Search Results based on the displayed metric

When you open an Adherence metric or section, the app automatically applies the appropriate filtering to your search results. For example, when you are reviewing adherence on Hypertension patients, only those patients will appear in your search results.

Adherence Donut supports drilldown

The main visualization in each adherence section is the donut. This is a pie type chart that breaks down your population into categories based on the portion of days covered of the drugs in question. You can click on the donut’s legend to filter out specific categories and narrow down your results.

Add Sections to Care Summary and Patient Profile

The concept of sections that have been extended to the Care Summary and Patient Profile too. These sections are collapsible, so browsing conditions or drugs in profiles is faster.

Searching supports compliance at an RxMG level

You can search for compliance issues on conditions (RxMGs). When you use Has All or Has Any on a condition, you will be able to pick Any Compliance Issue for searching. PrescienceRx will find the compliance issues on any drug associated with that condition.

Searching for members not taking a drug

You can use the Does not have comparison to find people that are not taking a specific drug.

Miscellaneous label changes

We are always improving the language of the PrescienceRx app. There have been several label changes, but the most significant is introducing the term “Interval” in place of “Model”.

Feedback and Fixes

Prescription History rolling off

We have corrected an issue where prescription history is rolling-off older intervals. This was caused because PrescienceRx was only keeping 12 months of prescriptions online. Be aware that this change may not take affect until your December data is processed.

MER Actual values have full precision when exporting

MER Actual values had been rounded to an integer. This has been changed to retain the full precision.

Do not show the NPI with the provider name on the Patient Profile

In some cases the NPI was appended to the name of the Predominant Prescriber when displayed on the Patient Profile. This has been corrected.

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