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What’s New December 2014

AlignCare continues to make improvements to the PrescienceRx healthcare analytics solution. These updates will rollout to customers over the weekend of December 6th and 7th. Again, this is part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our product. For information on the November announcement, you can read it here.

This month we have added capabilities to our Patient Profile. The improvements are the addition of three data points: Region, Group, and Site. These refer to the location and organization of the patient’s primary care provider. Each of these data points have been added to the search page, allowing our customers to query their patients based on the network of physicians. In addition, we’ve added two more new search fields: the Impact on Risk and Provider Specialty.

Region, Group, Site

The properties for Region, Group, and Site are provided with each patient. These are displayed with other demographic properties on the Patient Profile.



In addition to displaying on the Patient Profile, these data points are searchable. Each of the properties can be found within the drop down list on the Search Name. Corresponding values provided for these fields are shown in the Search Value downdrop for easy selection.


New Ways to Search

In addition to Region, Group, and Site, we have added two more search fields. These are Impact on Risk and Provider Specialty. As a reminder, the Impact on Risk is a value assigned by the Predictive Expense algorithms that indicate how heavily weighted a particular diagnosis is when making predictions. The Provider Specialty searches on the specialty of the Predominant Prescriber of the patient.


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