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PrescienceRx software update

As part of our philosophy of frequently releasing new capabilities to our product, we are announcing the second update to our PrescienceRx solution. This update will be available this weekend to all customers participating in our Early Adopter Beta Program.

The update includes two features to improve the readability and usefulness of the PrescienceRx dashboard. The first of these features is our export capability. The export link is found on the search results page as shown below.


The exported file will be downloaded to your computer as a text file with comma separated values. The file will have a .csv extension and will typically open automatically in Microsoft Excel. The first record contains column headings for readability. The layout is as follows…

ExportLayout2The second feature is actually a combination of improvements that resulted in a new layout for the Drug Consumption Detail section of the Patient Profile. The redesigned section replaces the bar charts that show the number of filled and refilled prescriptions with the actual number. In addition, we have included an expandable section that lists every script that the patient had filled for each drug. The list shows the prescriber, the days supply, date filled, and whether the prescriber is in network or not.


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