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PrescienceRxTM provides essential information for management and effective control of medical costs.

PrescienceRxTM patient profiles integrate up-to-date patient data with sophisticated analytic methods to help you identify challenges early and prioritize responses.

PrescienceRxTM was developed in association with a leading academic institution. It is a “big data” platform that goes well beyond identifying high risk cases. PrescienceRxTM highlights patients with newly emerging conditions, patients with unstable conditions who are moving from lower to higher level of risk — crucial information for effective interventions and provider coordination. Most important, it identifies what factors drive the risk, and which providers have the most influence over a patient’s therapeutic experience.


Imagine a solution that stratifies your population and not only identifies patients’ co-morbidities but also tells you how they are being treated and by whom.

Key_MeasuresImagine too that it identifies and quantifies other factors that contribute to a patient’s medical risk and probable costs. Research has demonstrated that factors such as “polypharmacy” status (the number of different drugs), “polyprescriber”status (the number of different prescribers), and “therapeutic complexity” (the number of different classes of drugs) – all challenge care management and may negatively affect outcomes.

Imagine too a bonus, a solution that identifies potential non-adherence to or potential abuse of medications. Imagine having the same level of confidence in profiling patients within three months of membership versus nine or more months for profiles based on medical claims*. Our research indicates that we can identify 50% of “high” and “very high” risk cases with only a month of prescription drug data.

PrescienceRxTM is strategic support for early problem identification and care management. It provides the information you need, when you need it.

PrescienceRxTM profiles allow you to prioritize effectively based on the complexity and changing status of patient medical conditions. Summarized patient profiles provide the stratified view of your population you need to deploy administrative and care management resources where and when they are needed.

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